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Youtube not updating views

When you first open real time analytics, it will show you videos by most recent, but you can sort by which videos are bringing in the most views over the last 48 hours or 60 minutes.If you sort by either of these, you can soon pick out the videos that could be months, even years old, and still bringing in views.Now, obviously a sample size of just one is going to give you some pretty extraordinary results, but what about if you do this over 4000 videos.Well, that's exactly what Vevo did and this is what happened.

For smaller channels who have less views overall, and less evergreen content, it's pointless to change the thumbnails on video that are not driving traffic and expect that to suddenly change. Choose the videos that already have evergreen value on your channel by checking your real time analytics in You Tube Studio.

The switch-up gave the video an immediate jolt in views, as well as more evergreen momentum afterwards.

Vevo confirm that the thumbnail change for that specific video resulted in a 4000% increase in views over a two week period.

In the early days, this strategy was used a lot, and so You Tube got wise to it.

Once your video hits 300 views, a number that You Tube starts to consider significant, safeguards kick in.

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