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Your guide to dating guides

It might even boast connections to the classic author du jour."Jane Austen's Guide to Dating," by the British novelist Lauren Henderson, manages all three -- yet still comes off as dusty and irrelevant.After you’ve connected with someone, the generally accepted “sweet spot” is to spend at least three days texting with them before suggesting a day and time for your first date. It’s OK to wait longer than three days, but try not to wait longer than a week. While there are women who think men should foot the entire bill, they’re now in the minority.Waiting too long to plan a date might make the other person think you’re not really interested or (in the case of online dating) catfishing. These days, the majority of women think either person can pick up the check, that it should be split.A large survey from 2012 revealed that a full third of German couples met that way.A small 2018 survey of about 1,000 participants had slightly different results.I’ll also share the best places to meet your potential American boyfriend or girlfriend.

In fact, this is the third-most popular way couples meet in America.If Tinder’s not the app for you, there are still plenty of other options.Other popular apps include: If you’re not interested in using dating apps, you can try bars and clubs.It’s very common in America for people to “date around.” Unless you’ve had the exclusivity talk, you should never assume that they’re not seeing other people. While some Americans might save that for exclusive relationships, not all of them will. The first part covered making friends in America, and the second covered social norms.I am an American woman living in Germany with my German husband.

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It might, for example, be written by a hip British chick-lit author.