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He got us all in the room and then said, ‘Girls, no boys.

Previously the main traditional Muslim schools of religious law generally held that a female Muslim is not allowed to marry a non-Muslim male.

Like many first-generation Egyptian-American immigrants, Ramy finds that many Arab-Muslim ideals that he has been trying to live up to in America have already been discarded by many of his peers in Egypt. Eventually, frustrated by Ramy’s shock, she lashes out: “I’m like in this little Muslim box in your head. ”The show homes in on difficulties that Muslim men and women, who may live similar lives inside and outside of their faith, have in dating one another.

Ramy makes a similarly misguided assumption on his first date with an Egyptian-Muslim woman, with whom his parents set him up. The men are often too arrogant to consider that the women may be allowing themselves the same liberties that they do.

"In Lebanon, a woman wearing the hijab marries a Christian man in a church," one Twitter user said, sharing the image of the church wedding. The clerics have also betrayed their religions by agreeing to marry them! Some, however, hailed the couple for portraying an image of coexistence.

"It is beautiful and should not be shameful in civilised countries.

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At the end of the evening, she playfully asks why she’s not getting a good-night kiss. The women feel overlooked by Muslim men as potential sexual partners outside of marriage, and, when not overlooked, they are often judged for being too promiscuous.