Who is corde dating

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Cardi B’s rocket to stardom all started on Instagram, where she posted outrageously funny and raunchy videos.Through social media, she was able to gain over half a million followers and was contacted to join the cast of One of the things that makes Cardi B so relatable is her down to earth and genuine personality.Cardi said, “I will get married in a freeway cause that’s how much I love him.” In late 2016, things took a turn for the worse and Cardi B tweeted that the relationship was over.She tweeted that Tommy had told her he was talking to other girls, though he eventually admitted that he lied.

He, however, denied the scholarship to pursue his career as a rapper like his father.

It turns out that they were not the only ones who were happy.

Snoop Dog was also happy as he can be about his grandson.

She keeps it real and has always been extremely honest when it came to her love life.

Let’s walk down memory lane and take a look at who’s been by her side during her rise to fame.

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There are many celebrities out there considered to be talented at what they do and people expect equally great things from their little ones as well.