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Who ia richie sambora dating now

Listen Iowa caught up with Felder recently to talk about the new album, putting together the iconic “Hotel California” guitar solos, and his advice to young musicians.

Listen Iowa: Congratulations on the release of your new solo album, “American Rock ’N’ Roll.” What was the game plan — if you had one — heading into this album?

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You can be a great singer, but then you have to rely on guitar players to make you sound good.

Or you can be a great guitar player and have to rely on a great singer and someone else to write the songs. She’s sort of an Aretha Franklin of the 21 century.

Don Felder: On my last record, I played guitar on every track except one, where Steve Lukather (Toto) played. Orianthi came walking down the staircase, and I had forgotten that they we together.

She would come out and play with me on the solos on “Hotel California” at charity events that we were doing together. DF: I had a massive palette of talent to choose from.

I have the ultimate respect for the artists who are able to write, sing and play. She can go on writing and singing and playing for decades. He’s self-contained and has a unique identity in that form.

I think that’s what makes a long range career that has legs. Her voice is spectacular, and her writing is great. LI: Speaking of icons, you got Slash on the record in “American Rock ’N’ Roll.”DF: I’ve known Slash, and we’ve hung out and done some charity events together.

It takes me about two years with each project from the time I start it, record, mix, master, and get it out.

If I had been listening to music when I was writing two years ago, it would be dated.

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