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Meta-ethicists might then be compelled to ask, "If doctors feel a sense of duty to comply with a patient's religion-related request, then why not also indulge a person's culture-based appeal, or mild preference?

" In the given case scenario, we might ask, "Why should a child's wish for a woman physician be less important than her parents' desire?

Then we'll put a neat bandage on it and you'll have a great story to tell your friends." Dr. This study was simple in its scope, and its limitations were rightly noted, but the strong preference among children for women doctors, which stood in stark contrast to their parents' preference for men, captures the questions from the case scenario: Why do such preferences exist?

Smith explained that the suturing would be like sewing, which Becky understood from watching her mom embroider. How should physicians decide whether to accommodate these preferences?

Physicians who use this technique may ask themselves, is this patient's preference strongly held, or might a few more minutes of building rapport change the patient's mind? All of these factors should be considered before a decision to accommodate the request is made.

Sex preferences have numerous foundations—e.g., culture, religion, past experiences with a man or woman—that can affect a person's comfort level when he or she must be naked in front of a doctor and can lead to judgments about a physician's caring or competence.

When deciding whether to accommodate a patient's request for a male or female doctor, most physicians practice utilitarian ethics.

In this philosophical model, an action is not inherently "right" or "wrong"; rather, the moral value of the action is determined by its contribution to achieving the greatest good. Will acquiescing put a resident at risk of not learning a skill that will be valuable in a future emergency because he or she has always deferred to patients' requests to have a doctor of the opposite sex?

Gaining people's trust can be difficult and sometimes impossible.

When people are sick, they feel vulnerable and unsettled, and their ability to cope regresses.

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" Answering these questions can be complex and personal, stirring strong emotions; but just by contemplating these questions each time he or she meets a new patient, a doctor demonstrates an awareness and sensitivity that can help guide a decision-making process with which all parties are comfortable.