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It is also possible to assess, pending the baby's position, your baby's gender at this stage.

Following the diagnostic component of the scan a 3D-4D scan of your baby may be performed depending on your baby's position.We also look at your baby's spine and limbs including hands and feet.We will take measurements of certain areas of your baby including the baby's head, abdomen, legs (femur length), arm (humerus length).At the time of booking we will send you a pathology request form so you can have the appropriate blood test prior to your appointment with us.During the ultrasound, we will measure your baby and confirm your dates.

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We believe that it is important for us to do a comprehensive assessment of your baby's growth and well being first so following the diagnostic assessment of the scan, our sonographers will then show you your baby in 3D/4D with your baby hopefully being in just the right position for us.