Updating urpmi database kenya dating advice bookstore

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Updating urpmi database

urpmi-parallel is an add-on to urpmi that is useful to install packages on a network: it will run an urpmi command in parallel on a specified number of hosts.In more detail, the machine you run the command on (the "server") tests its result on each machine in the group in turn (the "clients"), downloads all necessary packages for all machines in the group, distributes the appropriate packages to each machine, then calls urpmi on the machine to do the actual installation.

However, some other ones -- typically updates -- grow; new RPMs are added to them, and old ones are removed.

urpmi gets the list of available RPMs, and the RPMs themselves, from a media.

Roughly speaking, a media is described by a name and by a location, specified by an URL.

Another very useful mode of action for urpmi is to ask it to upgrade all packages to the latest version found on the media.

This is done by Use only the specified media, instead of defaulting to all available media.

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Thus, before using them, from time to time, you should instruct urpmi that their contents might have changed. You can either update all media: The easiest way to create your own media is to let urpmi.addmedia do it.