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Either way any new person to the game would have gave up ages ago. Given that it apparently works acceptably for some people, I suspect the problem may be something like insufficient TCP buffer size, which would not cause issues with a low bandwidth delay product but would be more and more noticeable with higher ping times and/or a bigger pipe.IOW a gigabit connection on the other side of the world from the servers would only have a tiny fraction of its capacity used by the LOTRO patcher.The problem is that the download process requires a MASSIVE number of writes to a temp file, which are NOT cached. While secure and effective, this process is NOT efficient. All of which is to say -- there is no magic bullet when you have several years worth of updates to catch up with. The assets of LOTRO and DDO were sold the their Developers who formed a new company called Standing Stone Games (SSG). How big is their pipe to the Internet Backbone, and how congested is it.Which is to say, the content is being provided by the same people, but under a new name. Editor Val - Man Minstrel (108) Valalin - Dwarf Minsrel (71) Valamar - Dwarf Hunter (120) Valdicta - Dwarf RK (107) Valhad - Elf LM (66) Valkeeper - Elf RK (87) Valwood - Dwarf RK (81) Valhunt - Dwarf Hunter (71) Valanne - Beorning (105) Ninth - Man Warden (66) The primary factors impacting download speed are your actual ISP 's download speed; the speed and fragmentation of your disk drive; your basic system speed. ISPs use all kinds of "edge-cache" servers to provide "fast downloads" for commonly accessed materials.It is riddled with crashes, error codes, and server timeouts.

Which is to say, the content is being provided by the same people, but under a new name.

Your ISP can provide fantastic response to servers located on their own network.

You don't indicate WHERE you are geographically, which brings up the possibility that your ISP is connected to the Internet via a major government mandated and controlled gateway -- where each individual packet is examined for what is considered objectionable content.

That is a lot of content that did not exist at the time of Helms Deep in 2013.

Apple has always been notorious for horrendous I/O - they are well known to use 5400 rpm disk drives to achieve "price points" and to improve performance with READ caches. Then the original on-disk file has to be read, the decrypted patch applied, and the new file written out again.

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