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You will save yourself time, and eliminate the possibility of manual errors.Note: Due to the permanent effects of working with an update action query, you should always make a backup copy of your tables, or your database before attempting this option.Once you have ran the update query, you can check the results by once again changing the update query back to a select query.I am trying to update an Access Table so that a report will automatically update.A Microsoft Access Update Query updates specified values in a table for all records or for those records that match a specified criteria.It is possible to update records manually in a database table, either via a form or through the tables datasheet, however this may take a very long time.

Instead of doing all these steps manually, we can use the After Update event to fix both employee records.We then go into a Lookup Record data block and use the saved query qry DMTerm Query as the source.In the Where condition argument for the Lookup Record data block, we want to look up the Employee ID in the query that matches the Employee ID field found in the tbl Terminations table that Access just finished committing.The Employee that this termination is assigned to changed - Scenario here is that when the record was first created, it might have been assigned to the wrong employee.In this case the user is assigning this to a different employee.

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The data macro logic for the After Update event is as follows: Comment Block: If we are modifying an existing termination record, one of two possibilities exist: 1.