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Updating cabinetry

I love working on this blog, posting pictures, writing articles and basically fluffing everything up to make it pretty.

Open shelving, in moderation, can also update the look of your kitchen.In my kitchen, I was able to replace one set with shelves, and swap out the cabinet on the other side to allow the window some breathing room.If you’re still not digging the idea of so much wood in the kitchen, look for easy ways to tone it down.I think the first thing many homeowners think needs to happen with a dated kitchen remodel is a change of cabinets.First, let’s start with a bit of a perspective adjustment…

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Here’s the thing, take some oak cabinets with a laminate countertop, complete with a several-inch backsplash, some country-looking knobs, fluorescent light fixtures, and one of those carved wood valences connecting the wall cabinets above the sink… Take those same cabinets, but update the counters and add some modern knobs, a classic tile backsplash, and some updated lighting, and the entire feel of your kitchen can change.

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