Trollz the dating game did chad michael murray kenzie dalton start dating

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Trollz the dating game

After cleaning up, Topaz is further dismayed and when she sees Onyx receiving an invitation as well, she is angry.

Onyx offers the sticky invitation to her but she refuses it, wanting one of her own, and runs off.

She can’t walk in their shoes, however, and stumbles off the runway right on top of the boys, getting smoothie all over herself and Jasper.

He is surprised by her, stating she doesn’t look quite right.

She bends over to get it and he finally hands it to her, then leaves without giving her an invitation.

Later at Trollzopolis Mall, she expresses her concerns to the others and isn’t impressed when Ruby flaunts the invitation Jasper gave her earlier.

When Jasper decides to have a party, Topaz is left Trolled over by the love train and will do anything for an invite.

At the same time, Ruby is doing something with her Spell Phone and when Jasper picks up, he’s hit with a spell that makes his pants fall down.They try to give her advice but while Amethyst says she should just be herself and be honest with Jasper, Sapphire and Ruby insist she change herself to fit an image he’ll be attracted to.Ruby takes her to the mall runway where they see Jasper and Flint staring at the models, which they assume means they are attracted to the women.Topaz sneaks into the Amber Caves and uses a drop of amber to cast a spell on Jasper’s necklace to make him “not the same”.The next day, the other trolls are worried about her until Topaz walks up to them, quite happy with herself.

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