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Thedatingsecrets net

Each question sparked fun and revealing conversations about both of our lives growing up, hers in China and mine in America. The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of the questions that you consistently ask yourself and your dates.

I also threw in a question asking if I could kiss her. If you’re asking good quality questions, they’re going to illicit good, quality answers.

He details how he met a woman in person for their first date, what they did and how the date ended with only a kiss on the cheek.

He also discusses how she contacted him a few days later and he set the second date, what they did on the date and how he set the conditions to seduce her successfully, even though he only got the cheek on their first date.

Depending on the woman, sometimes it might be 15–20 minutes that we talk and then we arrange a date to get together, and other times I’ll talk to up to 45 minutes to an hour, because I’m not so sure I want to meet her.

You want to make sure that you jive with the person.

You have to read the book 10–15 times and practice a lot, because if you tend to have a little success, it can go to your head a little bit.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email success story from a guy who discovered my work only recently.

It’s much easier to get a hold of me through text,” and I will send them my number.

I’ll say “Text or call me if you want, or shoot me your number, and I’ll give you a call.” Then we’ll start texting, and I’ll schedule a call where we can actually talk.

She said it was going to be a nice weekend, and she had no plans.

I flexed my masculinity by not asking what she wanted to do, but telling her what I thought we should do, as well as the time and place.

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Women get bombarded by dudes that are impatient and insecure, and they may wait to respond to you.

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