Tao of datinggoddess

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Tao of datinggoddess

Married to a leading Tianshi officer, Wei Huacun became a respected jijiu (祭酒, libationer), which means that she received a thorough religious education in the organization, including sexual rites of passage and the reception of official registers (Despeux 2000: 388).

Her hagiography says that she attained the Dao on Mount Heng, which at the time was a highly active center of both Buddhist and Daoist practices (Faure 1987).

The number of Daoist women decreased until the 12th century when the Complete Perfection School, which ordained Sun Bu'er as the only woman among its original disciples, put women in positions of power.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, women Daoists practiced and discussed nüdan (女丹, "women's neidan inner alchemy"), involving gender-specific practices of breath meditation and visualization.

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She has nevertheless continued to be a major figure in sectarian movements and small congregational groups who received messages from her through fuji spirit writing.Women first came to prominence in the Highest Clarity School, which was founded in the 4th century by a woman, Wei Huacun.The Tang dynasty (618-907) was a highpoint for the importance of Daoist women, when one-third of the Shangqing clergy were women, including many aristocratic Daoist nuns.In the 4th century the Shangqing School recognized a woman, Wei Huacun (251-334), as the school's founder.Women in this Daoist school transmitted scriptures, taught methods, and served as initiators (Despeux 2008: 171).

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