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However, LSG can result in new GERD and may worsen pre-existing GERD.LSG patients with GERD not well controlled with PPI do not have good treatment options except for more invasive, anatomy-altering gastric bypass surgery.Long-term clinical results of Endo Stim patients treated for up to five years shows that LES stimulation is safe and effective in controlling GERD symptoms and improving patient quality of life in most patients.

METHODS: In a prospective, multicenter, observational study, which was conducted in 16 general practice clinics over 5 months, patients with GERD and taking PPI for over 1 year were asked to complete a questionnaire. View Full Article BACKGROUND: A long-term single-center trial showed that LES-EST significantly improves esophageal acid exposure and symptoms in GERD patients (Surg Endosc. AIM: To establish safety and efficacy of LES-EST in GERD patients partially responsive to PPI in an international multi-center trial.GERD outcomes pre and post-stimulation were evaluated.RESULTS: 12 patients, 66% (8/12) women at 8 centers have been treated. All (12/12) were on at least daily double-dose PPIs.METHODS: Patients with LSG associated GERD with bothersome symptoms on maximum PPI dose underwent LES stimulator implant procedure and were enrolled in an international patient registry prospectively tracking outcomes in GERD patients treated with LES electrical stimulation.Electrical stimulation was delivered at 5m A, 220u Sec pulse in 12, 30 minute sessions daily.

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