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Mette Ivie Harrison is a former BYU “Benson Scholar” and high school seminary Scripture Chase champion. Sometimes I hear Mormons talk about how the church never changes in essentials or ex-Mormons complain that the church moves in geologic time toward more progressivity. In my lifetime (I was born in 1970), I’ve seen the church change dramatically, and not only in the most obvious way, the 1978 change to allow full priesthood blessings to be extended to our black brothers and sisters. Polygamy When I was a child and even as a teen, I remember the assumption that we would be practicing polygamy again as soon as it was legal.She now writes Mormon mysteries about Bishop’s Wife Linda Wallheim starting with The Bishop’s Wife. The change from this to the “one man/one woman marriage” doctrine to me has been a surprise. Women’s issues This includes a lot of things, from women not praying in church meetings (let alone General Conference) to women never speaking last, women being encouraged to go on missions (though not forced), women being allowed to teach Seminary even after marriage, and on and on. Modesty This isn’t a change I particularly like, but I notice modesty being more strictly enforced now than when I was a child, especially on very young children—girl babies now have “porn shoulders,” too, but also on teenage girls, who are now told to wear clothing that they could wear garments under. We were to enjoy wearing what we wanted until we were married. Youth Programs I remember distinctly feeling cheated as a tween and teen girl at how much more money and effort was spent on the boy’s scouting programs as compared to girls’ programs.1895 Guglielmo Marconi succeeds in signaling a distance of about 1.2 miles. 1938 Ailen invasion panic is spread by radio when Orson Wells broadcasts "War of the Worlds" 1941 Over eight million radios manufactured. 1942 Manufacture of home radio sets halted due to the war. 1957 Space Race starts when Russian satellite "Sputnik" sends radio "beep" back to earth. 1898Marconi installs first commercial radio service off coast of Ireland. Antique is a web directory for finding information on collecting and history of vacuum tube radios, crystal radios, and vintage transistor radios. Scott Radios Sonora Sonora Radios Sparton Sparton Zenith Old Radio Zone Marconi Collection Online Catalog Museum of History of Science, Oxford New York's Broadcasting History History of Communication Through Morse Code National Radio Hall of Fame & Museum Patent Dates and Patent Search Radio Antique Wireless Association - AWA Australian Vintage Radio Society - AVRS Historical Radio Society of Australia Canadian Vintage Radio Society - CVRS Radio Amateurs of Canada - RAC Radio Club Of America New Zealand Vintage Radio Society Norwegian Historical Radio Society Tube Collectors Association - TCA Vintage Radio and Phonograph Society Alabama Historical Radio Society Antique Radio Club of Illinois Arizona Antique Radio Club California Historical Radio Society - CHRS Southern California Antique Radio Society - SCARS Delaware Valley Historic Radio Club - DVHRC Florida Antique Wireless Group Heartland Antique Radio Association - HLARA Houston Vintage Radio Association - HVRA Indiana Historical Radio Society Jacksonville Antique Radio Society Michigan Antique Radio Club - MARC Mid-Atlantic Antique Radio Club Music City Vintage Radio Club Nashville TN New England Antique Radio Club - NEARC New Jersey Antique Radio Club Northland Antique Radio Club Minnesota Oklahoma Vintage Radio Collectors - OKVRC Ottawa Vintage Radio Club - OVRC Pittsburgh Antique Radio Society Puget Sound Antique Radio Association Schenectady NY Antique Radio Club Southeastern Antique Radio Society Tube Collectors Association (TCA) Vintage and Military Amateur Radio Society - V.

I still hear some old guard Mormons arguing you can’t believe in evolution, but not very loudly. Church Farms I spent many days picking apples on church orchards as a kid.

1906 (9 PM Christmas Eve) First Voice/Music Broadcast 1907 First Transatlantic Radio Service.

1909 First regular schedule of broadcasts from the Herrold College of Wireless and Engineering, San Jose, CA.

Since my parents had 11 children (when my mother was between ages 28 and 48), this was quite a shift. 3-hr block This may seem like a cosmetic change, but it dramatically changed our Sundays, particularly when we lived outside of Utah and had to drive more than an hour to get to a church building. That meant our ward budget was huge and included frequent trips to Lake Powell.

One summer my bishop rewarded all the teens who had read The Book of Mormon with an all expenses paid week long river rafting trip down the Colorado river, including food and guides. It seems obscene to me now that a ward would be spending money on things like that, considering what other wards are going without in other parts of the world. Imminence of the Second Coming As a teen, I was constantly told that we were in the “Latter days,” that we had been “saved” for this special time because the world was so wicked and Christ was coming soon. This is combined with the lack of talk about two year food storage and the likelihood of an apocalypse. Ideals of Marriage/Dating I remember when I was a teen, there were a few “super” Mormon friends who proclaimed that they weren’t going to kiss their partner until they were kneeling over the altar in the temple. It wasn’t something I did, but I did only ever kiss one man, the man I married. Faith healings I know that we still give blessings of healing, but I have the sense that almost everyone goes to the doctor first and gets a blessing after.

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