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The album's hissy sound quality underscores this tentative emotional state, and the shorter songs teeter between raw feelings and feeling unresolved; "Comes the Night" never quite coalesces, but "NYC Baby" captures yearning in just under a minute, and "Sunset Sun" is such a vivid portrait of a summer night, you can practically hear the crickets chirping.

Not surprisingly, the album's more fully formed songs rival her previously released solo work.

Most notably, her collaborations with Spike Jonze -- the Grammy-nominated music for 2009's Where the Wild Things Are and the Oscar-nominated "The Moon Song" from 2013's Her -- revealed her as a thoughtful solo artist with a range that went beyond her band's already eclectic music.

While her official debut album, Crush Songs, a collection of lo-fi songs dating back to 2006, is far from showy, it continues in this witty, heartfelt, largely acoustic vein.

I also liked how Spike didn't make it a dystopic society. Like I said, part of all this working is because Joaquin Phoenix is an amazing actor. Everyone loves DDL and while he is good, I personally prefer Joaquin.

He brings his characters to life so well and makes them feel like real people.

The whole movie just felt like a blanket I could cuddle up with.

So when you have some lonely character coming out of a divorce it makes sense he would cling to this ideal fantasy.

Idk if that was the intention of casting her but it makes sense to me.

I also like to theorize that the company in that world that made the OS'es hired her to endorse their products.

So true, Scarlett Johansen was absolutely perfect choice for the film. Fun fact, apparently they originally had someone else as the voice and Scarlett wasn't chosen and didn't voice her lines until very late in production. I thought it was a very interesting choice to make the setting one where dating an OS is not that weird.

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He usually doesn't get really out there, but breathes life into the script with subtle mannerisms and other things.

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