Speed dating spanish class biology textbooks accomodating students with disabilities

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Speed dating spanish class

The preparation of this activity took me an hour and a half last night......guess what, I left half of the biscuits in my car, half a mile away from the school.

The activity used is a variation on the popular practice of speed dating.

We play lots of games as a class, we write a fair bit, now the focus will be on conversations.

There were lots of giggles while doing this activity, be prepared!

This is such a FUN way to get your students speaking in the Target Language! ) Have fun with these yummy treats and help your students learn some fun Spanish vocabulary too!

Depending on your class sizes & ability levels, this activity can last anywhere between 15-30 minutes (and even longer if you include extension activities). (It's worth noting that there are lesson plans available on Tp T for the game of Citas Rapidas, and while they can make this game run more smoothly, they aren't necessary for you to give it a try with your students.) Are you lucky enough to live in a part of the country (or world) where they sell Spanish Conversation hearts (Corazones Dulces)? I learned about this cute activity from Alison (Mis Clases Locas) when she posted a picture of it to her IG account last year: All you need are Spanish Conversation hearts and this free download from Spanish Playground! Don't have the budget to purchase Corazones Dulces for your students?

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There are so many fun activities that can be done on Valentine's Day that can enhance your lessons, not detract from them. You could devote an entire class period (or several) to Valentine's Day themed lessons.

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