Singles dating lets plant a garden

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Singles dating lets plant a garden

We have an entire post devoted to helping you decide if buying plants or starting seeds is right for you, and we recommend you check that out first.

And then, if you’ve landed on seed starting, come back here and learn exactly how to plant seeds.

These might not be the absolute best options out there (in my opinion, that would be soil blocks in a solar greenhouse), but the methods suggested below do balance effectiveness with cost. You want to time your seed starting so your plants are big and strong enough to make it through the shock of transplanting into the garden well, but not so big that they become root-bound (meaning the plant is too small for the pot) or outgrow your seed starting space.

Cleaned-out yogurt cups, clamshell containers, egg cartons, and even plastic party cups all work great as seed starting containers.Don’t worry about being spot-on with the exact date here—if you need to shift your sowing or planting dates a couple of days (or even a week) one way or the other, you’ll be fine!Now that you know when to start your seeds, let’s actually do some seed starting!It also might be labeled as “Seed Starting Soil” or just “Seed Starter.” Once you are an advanced gardener, you can come up with your own mix for seed starting (we do! But for now, a bag of organic Seed Starting Medium from your local garden center or big box store will do just fine. Ground Cinnamon :: No, we’re not making cinnamon rolls.Sometimes this also comes in pellet form (often called “Jiffy discs”), which are just little discs that you water and POOF, they expand to be soil ready for your seeds. Cinnamon is a natural antifungal and antibacterial, and we to use it to help keep our seedlings happy and healthy.

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We also included that information on the Seed Starting Information Chart Printable.

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