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Not only will a sim with the neat trait automatically clean almost everything, but his or her fun levels will actually rise in the process.Of course, when you create a sim, you're choosing more than just personality traits.Getting sims together is usually a guaranteed laugh.As before, you can just sit back and let things happen if you prefer, and the AI does a good job with automated behavior; sims will act in ways remarkably true to the personality that you've established for them.If you're new to the series, here's a quick primer. In it, you take control of a character called a sim, or an entire household of them.Sims have needs; they need to empty their bladders, to eat, to sleep, to bathe, to have fun, to socialize.They make friends and enemies, they go swimming, and they clog up the toilet.In other words, they act a whole lot like real people, except that they yammer in a delightful gibberish called simlish and communicate via speech bubbles that appear over their heads.

Your sims can have babies who will cry in the middle of the night, needing their diapers changed.

You can call other sims and invite them over using your handy cell phone, but if you're feeling adventurous, just head directly to another sim's house and introduce yourself.

Or travel to one of the many public venues: the beach, the park, even the graveyard.

But directing social encounters often yields even more hysterical results, and your sims' traits allow you to direct conversations more easily than before.

There's a wider array of conversation topics when meeting up with others, and you'll want to play around with all of them just to see how your friends react.

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Although it would be nice to have had even more options in some cases (for example, men's available hair styles seem limited), there's a good chance that you can still create a sim that resembles your kleptomaniac aunt.

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