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Silverlight service reference not updating

In lines 5-10 we are building up a changeset to send to the server.

Notice we need to give it the original values we saved off in the load method. Notice here we are sending one item in the change set.

This is (as most know) not recreated everytime you make changes to the . You can see this if you go and view the date modified property of the web service file, in my case it was three hours old!

My solution was to make appropriate changes to the service contact, save it, and re-build the project which will cause it to recreate all the .dll's reflecting the changes you made to the service contact file (.svc). Tried to "Update Service Reference" and did not see the change. Still didn't see the change when writing code in the client.

Keep in mind that assignment in C# (and VB) is by default by reference. I hope that helps to make it clear how a Domain Service IS A WCF Service…

I add the service using the exact same settings as before, so I don't think it's a issue I can solve by changing the service reference configuration on the client.

One thing I suspect may be the problem is that I've renamed the default ws Http Bindings in app.config. The reason behind this is that I need more than one endpoint and having one named 'some-default-name' and one with my own name is just confusing. The only way I have figured out how to workaround this issue is to edit the configuration.svcinfo file for that service reference (you will need to show all files for the project to see it in visual studio), locate the following section: and change the user to my own domain user.

Create a new Win Forms project and select Add Service Reference.

Enter the URL (note discover doesn’t work for this sort of service yet)… Now, we have a service, let’s look at actually getting data out of it.

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I modified the service reference files and replaced his machine name with localhost and it was able to update the reference.

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