Shefield dating

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Shefield dating

My high profile collaborative research focuses on sandscapes as an archive for understanding past depositional processes and environmental changes which have shapes the landscape we live in.

Work on coasts funded by White Rose and NERC is currently looking at whether dune profiling can be used to establish the fequence and magnitude of storm surge events which have hit the coastlines of the UK in the last 500 years.Previous research I have carried out has investigated cold-climate aeolian sediments and periglacial features to understand past glacial environments in Canada and NW Europe.This has now been extended to looking at ice-marginal lakes and associated sediments to understand ice-dynamics of the last British and Irish Icesheet and its relationship to climate as part of the NERC funded BRITICE-CHRONO project.For example in Southern Africa are a range of relict geomorphic features indicative of past aeolian activity.Establishing the timing and regional significance of phases of activity has the potential to inform debates about the timing and extent of major Late Quaternary rainfall zone shifts, coastline reconfigurations and environments associated with the emergence of modern humans.

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Read more on Late Quaternary aeolian activity Advances in luminescence through portable dating and resetting in glacial environments.

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