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""My goal as a therapist is to try and help people see their circumstances, their world and maybe even themselves a little differently than before they walked through my door.I believe that therapy can be truly transformative when one is fully committed to the process, a commitment I try to support and encourage by establishing a relationship built on trust and respect.

I often hear words like, 'stuck,' 'numb,' 'confused,' 'alone,' 'outsider.' Trying to put words to what ones experience is can be daunting at best.In my work, I strive to cultivate connection and curiosity in an active, direct, and compassionate manner as you explore life's challenges -- deepening your understanding of yourself and learning to connect more meaningfully with others.""I am a licensed counselor in Chicago with over 13 years of experience.You should reach out to me if you are feeling stuck, lost, confused, anxious, sad, angry, or uninspired. Starting from a place of curiosity, we will resolve current issues and problematic patterns, without losing sight of the stress inherent in social systems. As a result, you will gain an improved sense of wellbeing.My enthusiastic and relaxed style encourages clients to address concerns with freedom and non judgement.""Psychotherapy is about growth, expansion, and evolution, in addition to healing from painful experiences.My enthusiastic and relaxed style encourages clients to address concerns with freedom and non judgement.""If you are ready to find ways to be your truest self, move through your grief, anxiety, trauma or depressive symptoms either long held or recent, I may be a good fit for you.

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You are worthy of being holistically well.""I am motivated to help clients find authentic self-expression & new paths for growth.