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I would often ask her if she felt this way why she didn't tell her son, since he might feel the same way?

She told me that she couldn't because of her religious upbringing, because she didn't want to ruin my life, and because she would die if I rejected her.

However she was starting to flirt with me more and more at home.

She also told me how jealous she was when I looked at other women or went out on a date.When she see me in my swim shorts she would say in a husky voice how "her baby was getting to be such big man".However despite all of this she was still very conservative and also religious.She told me how she had been starting to become sexually attracted to her son and she knew this was evil.So she would log on to try to find men to make her forget about him yet she would gravitate only to the younger ones who reminded her of him.

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She even started to teach me to ballroom dance inspired by a suggestion from Momma's Boy.

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