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Server 2016 password change not updating

Googling the issue turned up a plethora of red herrings and dead ends which provided no insight into the problem.

So, I had to roll up my sleeves and get out my system administrator's detective toolkit, so to speak.

He pointed me to a Microsoft support article which explains that this issue involves a March update to the Credential Security Support Provider Protocol (Cred SSP) which handles authentication requests.

Another symptom of this problem is the error: "An authentication error has occurred.

Based on research gleaned from literally billions of login attempts to its Azure cloud service, Microsoft updates its password recommendations – and throws out several long-held industry best practices.

Microsoft has recently published a white paper, “) Some of it is what you might think…but some of it defies conventional password wisdom.

I uninstalled KB4103712, rebooted the server, then attempted a remote desktop connection and it worked!

Below is the step by step solution with screen shots.

I opted to uninstall the updates one-by-one then reboot and test the remote desktop connection each time. After reviewing the list above it was clear some of these updates had nothing to do with the problem - the .

NET and time zone patches weren't worthy of my interest.

Today I am writing about how to modify Maximum password age on windows server domain controller.

We have faced this issue in our organization; our DC password used to expire every 42 days which was restricting access to users, Share Point sites, and Project server sites.

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Now that I knew which update produced the issue I had to figure out how to apply it and retain remote desktop connectivity to these Windows 7 systems.

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