Sagittarius dating horoscope

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If you’re interested in a Sagittarian don’t try to chase him or her.

In fact, making hasty retreats is far more appealing.

While the Sagittarius may not always become emotionally engaged in bed, they certainly know how to turn on the charm and sex appeal.

As a Sagittarian you find making love incredibly pleasant but want variety for that extra spice.

Once in the relationship keep that air of mystery going.

Keep a few juicy secrets under your hat and show the Archer your strength and ability to sway others.

While this game may seem a bit juvenile it’s worth it.If your Sagittarius doesn’t chase you, you have your answer.If they do pursue, you will swiftly be swept off your feet by one of the most affectionate signs in the Zodiac.That can make it hard for potential partners, but then again that’s the whole purpose of your test.People who lag behind won’t win the race for your heart.

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Seldom do they miss their mark and once a Sagittarius has their sights set on you Mr. Apple, you might as well just roll around in sugar and grab a drink because you’re about to be a foreplay flambe’! When targeting a potential lover you do so with zeal.

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