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Keep in mind that there’s no such things as rejection, just incompatibilities.

A few years ago, a guy may have never been compatible with his girlfriend.

Over the years, I’ve realized that I prefer brunettes. There are all sorts of intelligent and beautiful women in Vietnam.

Like most dumb teenagers in my hometown, I subscribed to idolizing blondes. This phase went on for many years, until I moved to Vietnam. I had nothing in common with those blonde girls back home. Artists, businesswomen, entrepreneurs, you name it. You have to ask yourself this: “What do I value in a woman? I’m not saying that I’m looking for a Nobel Peace Prize winner, but just someone who has thoughts about life and the world.

I have a few friends back home in relationships like this.

As much as I love those guys, it’s strange to see them with their current girlfriends.

If you’re assessing whether a girl is good for a long-term relationship, you must ask if she really is the best girl for you. They get overwhelmed with the “holy shit, I really like her.”“I need to cut off my emotions and mess with her head.”“Everything can only head south from here.”Not only is this a negative attitude, you don’t put yourself in a position to be happy with her in your life.

What you tell others and what you subconsciously believe are sometimes different. Maybe your mind if flooded with negative thoughts like this: • Women are tricky. • If this relationship gets serious, I must retreat. Both you and her and robbed of an authentic experience with each other.

Women will detect bullshit manipulative tactics immediately.

We were from the same hometown, spoke the same language, and even had similar childhood experiences. I was just bullshitting myself into thinking that I liked blondes. They never considered the type of girl they would be meeting in that setting. It’s one thing to be book smart, but another to have the ability to clearly express your thoughts about something. I appreciate when women are open and say how they feel about me.

Living in Vietnam opened my eyes to a major problem that I had. The places and context where I met girls was all wrong. Deep down, maybe they wanted to be with an intelligent, family-oriented, and worldly girl. Despite Vietnamese culture being a bit conservative, once you get to know a , she will open up to you.

Being compatible with someone has a lot to do with timing.

A young adventurer trying to find direction in his life probably wouldn’t be a great match with a super Type A Investment Banker girl.

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• A woman who is interested but plays mind games will stop playing mind games when she realizes that she could lose you. You must be aware of demographics and your beliefs about women.

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  1. "Even if he or she is unhappy in the relationship, they feel that it’s too risky for them to be alone, and they are afraid of the unknown," Marine says.