Rula jebreal dating

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Rula jebreal dating

“She has a fucking point,” said a dejected-looking Martin Short.It’s not that Jebreal has a short fuse for topical pop of the moment, necessarily; it’s that she’s legitimately concerned about an American culture that seems ill-prepared to differentiate reality TV from reality.New York’s “Palestinian Power Couple” is no more: Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters, a vocal critic of Israel, has split with Palestinian journalist and author Rula Jebreal.Pink Floyd rocker Waters, 73, and Jebreal, 43, had been dating for a few months earlier this year, in the aftermath of Waters’ split with his fourth wife, Laurie Durning, Page Six exclusively revealed.

“I’ve been reading about [global] issues since I was a child.

And yet, the frothy torrent of infotainment that keep us abreast of such illuminaries like Snooki and Honey Boo Boo Child does, on occasion, offer up a rare voice of reason, someone who tells us we’re losing our grip. When the Italo-Palestinian MSNBC news correspondent appeared as a guest on HBO’s last January, she wasted little time chastising the acerbic host for being “vulgar” (he dropped an f-bomb) before interrupting a tepid discussion of the Manti Te’o girlfriend controversy to question why the celebrity panel had stooped to such trivialities.

Strong-arming the conversation was very much in character for Jebreal, and seemed to have its intended effect.

She wakes up with her daughter every morning, and they have breakfast together over the morning news.

“Her whole life she said ‘I don’t want to do what mom does,’ that we don’t even look alike,” she says, laughing.

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a distillation of reality”—others, like Jebreal, defend a more classical distinction between fact and fiction, even in an age when many have declared “journalism is dead.”“If you’re trying to shut me down [with false information], I will react to it,” she says. It’s dangerous when financial powers can manipulate public opinion, when there is so much power in the hands of a few.”Jebreal lives in downtown Manhattan with her sixteen-year-old daughter, Miral, and despite being familiar with the travails of public life (her romance with Schnabel was well “documented” by the tabloids), says she doesn’t feel any of the typical pressures of being a public persona in a big city.