Rolex dating system

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However, you can determine the age of your watch by using our simple Rolex serial number lookup tool.

This easily allows you to determine the approximate production date of your Rolex for watches manufactured up to 2010.

Our chart to lookup Rolex serial by year is a valuable tool that’s simple to use.

Quite often, passionate watch collectors and enthusiasts want to know the value of their Rolex timepiece.

Components may have been stockpiled for some before being used for assembly.

But it’s safe to say the serial number provides a 1-2 year range on the age of the watch.

Use the table below to look up the production year of your watch.From 1987 until 2009, the letter preceding the serial number designates the watch’s year of manufacture.It’s also important to note, the Rolex serial number is not an absolute identifier of the watch’s production date.It takes close inspection but the number is visible through the crystal.Between 20, Rolex gradually phased out engraving the serial number on the case between the lugs.

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