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He also offered what he believed the translation where, and explained how he made those conclusions.With respect to Easter Island, the Elder's had both the Script and Oral Traditions of their history.I had a C Band Sat Dish, many years ago that accessed all the birds, and aired channels.

Also, to the other poster, I don't care what you say about Fell, he's a con man. About Fell: The following links are in reference to the very subject at hand, the Ogham script, and Fell's claims to have found it in America: .. In terms of civilization, my focus is with the bronze age.

It got to the point where nothing but a few channels worked, but that was some 15 years or so ago.

Have a Crappy Mini Dish now with nothing more than sanitized viewing.

Of course, it would depend on your definition of civilization.

Nomadic tribes chasing their cattle across the steppes, maybe. If you want to place Atlantis at 950 BC, in defiance of Plato, and without any reason, then that's your Atlantis, not Plato's.

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  1. In general I’m always reluctant to recommend online dating to guys (the statistical chances of success are usually terrible for the average man), however there’s a few Japan focused dating sites where the “interracial appeal” may balance the odds a little, and of course there’s Tinder app for some quick swipe action. “English Lessons.” Websites like Hello Sensei (etc) let you teach English by offering lessons under the table. About ⅔ of the men I “teach” English to don’t ask for a second lesson once they find out I’m married. As a result, a lot of times their communication can be unclear or vague.