Radioactive dating of moon rocks dating service in australia

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Radioactive dating of moon rocks

This violent birth determines the initial structure and long-term evolution of planets.Once past its formative era, the lunar surface has served as a recorder of more than 4 billion years of interaction with the space environment.This type of compositional diversity in the lunar interior is predicted by the magma ocean model, as it fits the sequence of dense mineral accumulation that would occur as the magma ocean cooled and crystallized..Another post-facto prediction is shown in this statement about age anomalies.The moon should have cooled too quickly to fit the evolutionary timeline, but since it didn’t, the new model must have predicted that, too!

Converting this relative crater chronology into an absolute chronology for the lunar surface became possible through analysis of the samples returned by Apollo.

Prior to the Apollo landings, the following statement represented the prevailing view of terrestrial planet formation: “It seems possible and indeed probable that the earth could and did accumulate below the melting point of silicates throughout its entire growth from a small size to its present one”.

This reflected the opinion that planets grew by the gentle accumulation of asteroid-sized planetesimals, so that high temperatures only occurred locally in some of the larger impacts.

The samples collected during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969 quickly disproved the idea that planetary bodies, even ones the size of our Moon, started out cold.: The rocks showed high abundances of anorthosite, a low-density mineral that scientists deduced must have floated above a magma ocean to form the crust.

Thus the hot-moon theory took hold over the cold-moon theory.

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Some mare basalts have compositions similar to terrestrial basalts, but others have distinctively high contents of titanium.

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