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Pros and cons of dating in high school

– Bono and Ali Hewson started their romantic journey at 15 and followed it all the way into marriage! The pros and cons of marrying your high school sweetheart When it comes to marrying your high school sweetheart, you’ve probably heard strong opinions on both sides of the fence.

– Ron Howard married his wife of 30 years after meeting her in his high school English class. Joey Fatone married his high school girlfriend after a whopping 12 years of dating! On one hand, how sweet it is to still be with the first person you’ve ever fell in love with!

Yes, your personalities will mesh to a certain extent over the years, but eventually, you may end up growing apart.

Who you are in 9 grade is most certainly *and thankfully* not who you are at age 27.

[Read: 14 signs you’re getting too comfortable with each other] #6 Your anniversaries seem way more awesome.

No matter what category you fall under, we have some fabulous statistics for you about marrying your high school sweetheart.

While many brave teens may have popped the question before graduation, the new trend these days seems to be adults reconnecting with their high school exes over social media and tying the knot!

Would you ever have considered marrying your first high school love?

For better or worse, we’re looking at celebrities who married their high school sweethearts, along with statistics, pros and cons, and all that good stuff you’ll need to know when considering turning your high school flame into your lifetime partner.

The lowdown on marrying your high school crush Before we get into those sumptuous pros and cons, here are 5 quick facts about marriage, divorce, celebrities, and young love.

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] #2 A study in the Boston Herald regarding cohabitation before marriage concluded that only a mere 21% of unmarried couples would continue living together after a 5- to 7-year period.

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