Playing hard to get for dating

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Playing hard to get for dating

There are times in life that “good enough” works instead of perfect.While striving for perfection is a positive attitude, one must consider the price of perfection. These three mantras are the core of improving yourself as a person.It is a period of doubting your capabilities to be successful, and you don’t find fulfillment brought on by the stresses of adult life. And we go through life thinking that after you finish school, you’ll be there living your dream life.

And there are things in life bigger than you that you cannot control.Accepting that this is the way adult life works will make you think of creating solutions instead of blaming adulthood for your misfortunes. Like what all success stories tell us, failure can happen to anyone, and it shouldn’t be a hindrance for you to push forward.Successful people often have had life-crippling challenges come their way, and the reason they are successful is that they continued to work hard despite the disadvantages they faced. People who experience quarter life crises often feel that they are a failure.Most of the time, the so-called quarter life crisis is merely a state of mind which only needs a change of perspective for you to go on your way. The moment you start living on your own away from your parents’ advice and support, your freedom comes with a price.These include paying your own bills, working a job, having less time for fun, and having to make difficult decisions that will determine your life.

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[Read: How to take the next steps to success] Recognizing that your life is not going in the direction that you want is the starting point for working your way to make your life the way you want it to be.

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