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Patience while dating

But patience does a lot of wonders, not only in the relationship itself, but to the people involved in it.

So yes, it’s high time that you learn its ropes as it is a primary key for you to have a long-lasting and meaningful relationship.

Don’t treat it like it’s a fucking business meeting or something that just happened by chance.

You don’t have to hand wash your car or put a playlist together.

How will they be more tolerant of your tantrums when they do not know where your issues are coming from? Communication is a key in becoming more patient with each other as partners.

This and vice versa: allow them to get to know you as a person too. Take the time to discuss matters that are important to the both of you, may they be individual aspirations, joint plans, or problems.

It is essential that you lay the issues down and ask each other’s opinion about them. Listening can be difficult to do especially when you are the more domineering one in the relationship, but it is important that you know how to hear your partner out. There really are instances when your partner gets mad or throws a fit over a particular issue.

And we both know, without trust, you are building on sand. Don’t act surprised or like the other person is crazy if they want to know where this may be going or what you want, unless you both agree that the sex was just sex.

But don’t act like your time was wasted or that you were ripped off. Your parents had to kiss a lot of frogs before they met so why shouldn’t you? And if you think it should, you’re entitled and don’t have the tools to build a relationship so stop dating until you grow the fuck up. Know that you got to hear a new story, as did they, and that’s a privilege. If things did work out, then make it clear that you like then. There is already something false about this and he or she will smell it and lose trust. You’re not being mysterious in a good way by keeping someone in the dark. If you guys have sex, don’t pretend like you didn’t.

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  1. Here’s the deal, guys: You can read all the dating and relationship advice you can find – and there’s a lot of good stuff out there – but there’s just one key piece of advice I have to share. So here is a quick history of how I met and was asked out by some of the fellas in my past and whether it worked or whether it failed. We dated for eight months and split up on good terms.

  2. There is the stereotype that black women can’t behave. Just look at what this fella has to say: I have dated black women and while they talk a bit louder (I love their hearty laugh), I’ve never been on a date with a dark-skinned woman who was rude.