Pansexual dating

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If you’re one to believe this, you may think that the term bisexual is exclusive of trans and nonbinary folks.

It would also be why you’d likely prefer to use the pansexual label as opposed to identifying proudly as bi. Many folks, myself included, don’t view the “bi” in bisexual to mean that they’re attracted to only cisgender folks.

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Twenty years ago, the queer community referred to itself as the LGBT community. (The added letters stand for Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Ally, Pansexual, Two-spirit, and plus for the remaining labels not represented in the acronym.) Undoubtedly, the growing number of identity labels is a lot to keep track of, but in this explainer, we’re going to focus on the P, which stands for pansexuality. Even within the LGBTQ community, people use the label “bisexual” differently. But let’s start with defining pansexual, since it has one universally-accepted definition.

Now the prefix “bi,” as we’re all aware, means two.

Because of this, many folks, perhaps even the majority of people, believe that a bisexual person is attracted to only two groups of people: cisgender men and cisgender women.

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“It doesn’t really matter what’s going on, over there. ” The term pansexual is a sexual identity on the spectrum that is explicitly inclusive of all genders, regardless of someone’s gender orientation, sexuality or identity.

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