Oxidating flame

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My book, and others, have full firing schedules to guide you in learning curve.Take some clay classes and really get practice with firings before investing in kilns.Presence of paper or other combustibles in an electric kiln at glowing red heat is not recommended.By the time the kiln temperature reaches (1000C 1850F or so) internal paper pulp fiber has been absent for hours, having exited the clay at F451/C253 degrees and can't, therefore, cause reduction, nor a superheated gas just explained.

The combustion smoke and moisture exiting does not hurt the electric wire kiln elements in a dark slow heating kiln (451F/253C). Sentences with the word oxidation Words that rhyme with oxidation What is the plural of oxidation? Western dragons tend to be apocalyptic serpents that threaten to scorch anyone who happens upon the golden cache in their lairs, while Eastern dragons crackle with power gifted by the divine.Indeed the amount of paper in paperclay adds up to less than the handfuls of raw crumpled paper sometimes used to support handbuilt structures.It is unwise to put dry paper or other combustibles directly into a red hot (around 1000C 1850F and up) electric kiln. Too much fuel all of a sudden, and not enough oxegen so creates a red hot smoke.

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Ultra hot smoke (from incomplete combustion reducing atmosphere) will corrode electric wireheating elements over time and shorten thier life.

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