Outlook name cache not updating dating heinz bottles

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Outlook name cache not updating

What issues do you forsee if I was to try exporting the user's entire mailbox to a .pst, removing their store on the exchange server, recreating the store, then importing the pst file to recreate their email/calendar/addressbook If you copy everything to a pst and make sure it has everything that you need (don't forget contacts and calendar).

You should then be able to remove the users account and recreate it.

Learn how to calculate your overhead burden using our free interactive tool and use it to determine the right price for your IT services. I tried running the OST repair tool on the other user's system ans it popped up multiple syncronization issues, however they needed manual fixes and they contained links to Microsoft pages that do not exist or have been moved. Do I need to do anything else while it's disabled or should that stop the issue?

As I said before we have over 50 other people connecting without issue to the server.

They've stopped receiving new mail in the inbox on the laptop, however their Black Berrys are still receiving mail normally.

When I disable outlook's cached mode and restart outlook their inbox populates normally with all emails.

I've disabled the antivirus on the server, now when I opened the mail file it only populates to January 30 2007.

I've effectively lost even more emails in cached mode.

I've removed the user's profile and recreated it already. I've just tried deleting the OST file from the user's harddrive that's just become affected.

Version had several issues which caused Outlook 2000 to crash on startup and the Auto Complete function no longer functioning as it should.

Both these issues have been corrected with i Tunes version

ESEUTIL /P should only be used as a last resort measure. One of my users, with a pretty hefty mailbox i might add, has his Outlook constantly updating his inbox even when there aren't any new messages to retrieve.

I would not want to continue using a "Repaired" mailbox store after ESEUTIL had its ways with it. I've tried everything regular - new mail profile, new .ost, but i've yet to try and export and reimport the maibox or run ESEUTIL.

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It makes all the motions of connecting to the server and updating folders in the bottom right corner of the outlook window.

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