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Update: Though I’m an erotica writer (professionally) I was sounds amazing! did you read the "Will my real details ever be revealed? but maybe...won't need to decide to try it, let me know how it went! sending messages to oddfellas willing to pay for it sounds fun and it's better than having anxiety and having to talk to these people.

hope you find the answer you're looking for I didn’t see the details part... My husband probably wouldn’t be so happy about it either.

Paypal TOS: We don’t permit Pay Pal account holders to buy or sell: Sexually oriented digital goods or content delivered through a digital medium.

There is a "loop hole" with the 3rd party being the one to pay you (not direct transactions with the customer) but I have known ladies working companies that pay through paypal to have their accounts locked down.

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It’s an adult chat site where apparently you get paid 20cents per message. I am solely interested in this for the money and do not want to be judged come tax time (family member does taxes).

https:// A/comments/7bo7wb/hello_iama_hot_single_in_your_area_online_erotic/? st=jbr07581&sh=4a59c8ca I applied even though the website isn't secured and got an email directly to my main email box (not updates or promotions like most other sites).Hannah describes Snapchat Premium as “like a normal account but it’s private and people pay me to view it”.The 19-year-old student from Long Beach, California, began charging people to see her racy photos after losing her part-time job at a Chinese restaurant, and went from making an hour to around 0 an hour.These are sites and strategies that will yield the user minimum wage or better and allow them to provide for themselves.“People don’t realise how much of an opportunity it is to make money,” he told au.

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