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Online dating seduction simple easy pdf

So if a particular comedian hears some heckler talk about relationships, or airline travel, or waiting in line at the post office, he can pull a story that’s similar enough to that, and then just work it into his routine. So you’re talking to the girl and running the “instantaneous connection” pattern, and she starts talking about something completely unrelated. You can’t do much, which is why it’s much more useful to use seduction patterns that are based on a couple techniques from NLP and covert hypnosis, as well as your own experiences.Now, one to understand, that is absolutely crucial, is that the content doesn’t matter.Then repeat whatever she said, however she said it, and covertly point at yourself. This is basically when you start a story, (those stories you came up with above), and before you finish one, you simply start another one. Once you figure out how to do this, you’ll be amazed how quickly she falls head over heels for you!It’s best if you kind of build up to a climax point, and then shift stories. Ever since NLP was created, there’s been a flood of applications.It started to be used for therapy, then quickly picked up by sales people, and shortly thereafter used to create seduction patterns.This will leave her hanging, and totally kill any desire for her eyes or mind to wander.

So how do you come up with your own seduction patterns? Just think of about ten different stories, from your own childhood, or recent history, that cover the following “emotional themes”: It may take some practice, but not much, as these are your own stories.

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If she gets distracted, or if you don’t have as much rapport as you think you do, it won’t work.

It’s kind of like a comedian that has a whole routine memorized, with no room for error or anything.

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