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Used to being watched as she goes down the street as a woman, she’s struck that men don’t hold her gaze when she’s dressed as a man. Vincent wonders how men learn these unspoken rules of masculinity.

She reads this as some kind of social contract between men: that the gaze is only held to provoke conflict or seduce. She wonders how many other unspoken rules there might be. Now, she could of course just , but Vincent believes that a stranger in a strange land can analyse much more easily than a native.

I couldn’t help wondering exactly what Vincent’s girlfriend Lisa made of all this.

Isn’t this the point where research becomes a bit personal?

Ned Vincent is born in winter 2003, when Norah Vincent decides to embark on a new project.

After an evening out with a drag-king friend of hers, she’s struck by the different reactions she gets, even from casual passersby, depending on whether she’s dressed as a man or a woman.

And the most challenging part of Vincent’s experience was dealing with the inward self.

Ultimately, this strain will prove to be the hardest thing.

She’s tall; she has a naturally deep voice; and she’s always been a tomboy.

‘Culturally speaking,’ she says, ‘I have always lived as my truest self somewhere on the boundary between masculine and feminine’.

Rather than simply collecting information from interviews, she goes one better: she decides that, for a whole year, she will join her subjects, dressing, socialising, living and dating as a man.

It’s a daring project and fascinating to read about, even if I have some misgivings about her methods.

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I would be interested to know how far Vincent’s conclusions are applicable to them. How can I possibly know what they (you) are like alone with other men?

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