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Find our records that relate to those convicted or forced to register as sex offenders at Houston Faith. Some still work in Southern Baptist churches today.Nearly 100 are still held in prisons stretching from Sacramento County, Calif., to Hillsborough County, Fla., state and federal records show. Journalists in the two newsrooms spent more than six months reviewing thousands of pages of court, prison and police records and conducting hundreds of interviews.Some victims as young as 3 were molested or raped inside pastors' studies and Sunday school classrooms.A few were adults — women and men who sought pastoral guidance and instead say they were seduced or sexually assaulted.Thirty-five years later, Debbie Vasquez's voice trembled as she described her trauma to a group of Southern Baptist leaders.She was 14, she said, when she was first molested by her pastor in Sanger, a tiny prairie town an hour north of Dallas.

Her mother, Gwen Casados, said church leaders waited months to fire the attacker, who later pleaded no contest.

In response to her lawsuit, church leaders also denied responsibility.

Schneider slit her wrists the day after that attack in 1994, Casados said.

We verified that about 260 had been convicted of sex crimes or received deferred prosecutions in plea deals and sent letters to all of them soliciting their responses to summaries we compiled.

We received written responses from more than 30 and interviewed three in Texas prisons.

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• Some registered sex offenders returned to the pulpit.