Native american dating pacific northwest coast

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Native american dating pacific northwest coast

The agricultural peoples followed the same cyclical patterns in their religious and social structures as did agricultural people in other parts of the world.Nature and human life were seen as aspects of one spiritual whole, and the physical and spiritual well-being of all was the result of communal effort.By the time Europeans arrived, North and South America were filled by a wide variety of ethnic groups, ranging from the hunter-gatherers of the central and northern plains, to the agriculturalists and city builders of the Mississippi valley and South America, and to the settled fisherman of the Pacific northwest.The indigenous peoples of North America as they were found by the first Europeans can be grouped as either agriculturalists or hunter-gathers.These first immigrants arrived in waves, and gradually worked their way south, eventually inhabiting all of North and South America.

Therefore these people own and leave behind fewer artifacts.

Finding early archaeological sites on the Pacific Northwest coast is difficult, but not impossible.

Archaeologists can draw on data from later archaeological sites for clues about possible locations of occupation on the coast.

Rites of passage tend to be solitary experiences, as opposed to the communal rites of agricultural peoples.

At the center of most hunter-gather religions is the idea that the hunted animal is a willing sacrifice, but that there is need for rites of gratitude and propitiation to renew the gift.

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Below is a brief description of some of the archaeological sites discovered along the Pacific coast of northwest North America.