Marriage dating ideas

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Communicate by text or webcam while you’re watching the movie.2) Play 20 Questions In a long distance relationship, most of your interactions is confined to verbal communication. Come up with 20 meaningful or silly or insightful questions for you to ask your boyfriend/girlfriend to get to know them better.Read what the other one wrote and either respond or expand to it.

The best part is it’s self-paced so you can guys can plan when you have time (which helps when you’re in different time zones) RELATED: 60 LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP QUOTES TO REMEMBER 13) Share recipes Swap recipes with one another.11) Make a mixtape There’s multiple ways to do this.Send them your youtube playlists of songs or download songs to a usb or mp3 player for them.Apps like “my fitness pal” allows you to motivate and encourage others on their fitness and health goals.Choose a goal and then encourage your partner to meet theirs.

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4) Share an online drive Share a online file hosting service like Drop Box or ICloud. 7) Send “Open When” letters Write some encouraging notes for when the other may be feeling sad or lonely or stressed.

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