Marige and frendship dating site slovenija

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Marige and frendship dating site slovenija

June 2011 The linden tree is a symbol of the Slovenian nation, although Slovenian folk tradition lacks any real arguments to support this, especially since the role and importance of the linden tree stretch as far back as the period before there was any real sense of national awareness.Linden trees can live to a great age and their trunks can be truly massive.Linden leaves, however, took on an even more meaningful significance in a large advertising campaign entitled 'Slovenia, my country', which was launched in the 1980s.The campaign was initially designed to promote Slovenian tourism, but went well beyond its initial purpose and, by virtue of being advertised on television daily and on a number of billboards, heralded a more self-confident Slovenia.This, as some suggested subsequently, contributed to Slovenia's stand which led to its independence at the beginning of the 1990s.Another such symbol is GEOSS, the Geometric Centre of the Republic of Slovenia near Vače nad Litijo — a project that indicated that Slovenia's statehood was being strengthened as early as ten years prior to Slovenia's independence.During the period of the Slovenian national awakening and the Slovenian people's increasing national awareness, the linden tree became one of the symbols of the Slovenian nation, in contrast to the oak tree, a symbol of the German nation, or for example, the birch tree, which is associated with Russia and the Russian nation.

In the years that followed, these meetings became a tradition; they were held annually, although more prominent politicians no longer attended in great numbers.The linden tree can be found in large parts of Central and Southern Europe, from the Iberian peninsula to the Black Sea.In ancient Greece and Rome, this tree was a symbol of friendship and tender, faithful love, and many European peoples, especially those of Slavic origin, elevated the linden tree to a ritual tree that became an object of worship.These linden trees are still known today as 'Turkish linden trees'.Several linden tree plantations, especially linden tree-lined avenues, originating from the latter years of the Ages of Enlightenment and Classicism, have been preserved up to the present day.

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Part of the avenue had to be restored because of its age — it was planted in around 1810, at the time of French-ruled Illyrian Provinces, to mark the wedding of the French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, and the Austrian Princess, Marie Louise.

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