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Malware antibytes program error updating

The fix was to turn off Web Protection, which was causing the problem. Upon perusing the MB forums again, I observed reference to Web Protection still causing issues. Two weeks later: Web Protection is still on and is no longer causing any issues for me, AFAICT.Browser and email client performance is still smooth and peppy and flawless.I use neither because they BOTH block websites that I want to browse and adding them to some half working exclusion list bothers me - only way to be sure is to turn them off. Malwarebytes had a MAJOR release which had some type of bug in it's WEB protection module for short time that blocked a LOT of websites, randomly - it was VERY annoying.I believe the minor version patch release was out within a month or so - I don't really know because I shut Malware-bytes down and only found out about the patch release about 3 months later.I have had the same experience with previous versions of these two apps.I have, however, taken steps to keep the two apps from stepping on each others toes.And while I'm sure there is a lot of overlap between the two apps, I'm also presume they each do/provide something the other does not.The only issue I have experienced is that occasionally the Vipre updater will quibble about Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes cache is located here: C:\Users\USERNAME\App Data\Local\mbam\cache\qmlcache For web protection I find between any protection on your ROUTER and browser script blocking programs (u Block Origin for the win!!

Start up Vipre and add Malwarebytes installation directory (default: C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware) and cache directory (default: C:\Users\USERNAME\App Data\Local\mbam\cache\qmlcache) to Vipres exclusion list. Open Vipre (ver.2016) , With "Antivirus" highlighted on the left, click manage from the top menu, scroll down about 2/3rds of the window, click the "Manage Excluded Items" button, click "add New Location or File" I've has some recent problems with lockups.

I normally have run Comodo free Firewall for years and kept Malwarebytes free installed as a supplemental on demand scanner.

This happens essentially, when the browser activity tries to go outside the browser processes in some BAD way and either of these programs block it as a virus - I've actually had BOTH of these programs block stuff at the same time.

It's quite annoying sometimes as I actually WANT to see what the BAD program is doing, but thats either here nor there - the 2 programs work well together if certain precautions are taken - schedule scans at separate non-overlapping times was also mentioned I believe?

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Genetrex, I have had what seems like possibly related experience with Malwarebytes and Vipre running side by side. I had experienced my browser performance being affected, with the browser too often slowing down and coming to its knees. I had turned Web Protection on again to see if the problem was fixed in MB 3.6.1. Some websites would not download in the browser; others did just fine. I subsequently observed in the MB Forums the Malwarebytes had managed to reproduce the problem, analyze it, and created a fix via component package 1.0.508 (apparently pushed out with def updates) for affected Win 7 32 bit systems.