Male to female dating

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Don’t play hard to get or give him the silent treatment. These types of guys just want you to come right out and say it. They don’t just want to sit and discuss the weather.

If something he did bothered you, wait until you’re alone and just say so. He wants you to talk to him about some deeper topics.

If you’re dominant and in charge and they’re also trying to be in charge, you’ll butt heads.

You’ll both also get frustrated by feeling like your partner is trying to boss you around. On the flip side, you also don’t want to be a very weak personality type. You can’t be a pushover when dating an alpha male because they’ll literally run the entire relationship. You’ll be really unhappy this way because your opinions and ideas will just get lost beneath the alpha male’s.

If you have a very strong alpha personality, don’t try to date an alpha male. Plus, he won’t really like that either because stomping all over you won’t make him feel like he’s in charge.

If they feel like they always have to be this tough guy around you too, he’ll be very unhappy.

And that means if he’s ever acting like a dick due to his dominant personality, you have to put him in his place.

[Read: How self-respect affects you and your relationship] #4 Challenge him sometimes.

Whether it’s in his job, relationship, or friendships, he’s the one calling the shots.

And that’s usually really attractive to certain women, for obvious reasons. [Read: 20 alpha male characteristics to spot one right away] Dating an alpha male and making it work You might not always have the best time dating an alpha male, though.

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[Read: How to be emotionally available so you can actually find love] #6 Don’t embarrass him in front of his friends or coworkers.

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