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Ludwig serial number dating

Serial numbers are subject to discrepancies, which is why it is important to assess all aspects of the drums listed on this page not only to date the drum, but do determine the originality of it.This era would also mark the end of the Keystone badge era.Mid 1965 saw the rise of a second generation Ludwig script logo bracket.These brackets were designed with a more boxed hard edge look, with an internal eyelet bolt needing a wing nut to fasten the bracket to the support rod.Date stamps were done on the inside of a drum shell with a abbreviation of the month, followed by the day, and then year.Date stamps for drums produced in 1960-1963 were strictly red ink, while date stamps from 1964-1969 were red or black.This section exists as a guide to identifying and dating, Ludwig drums produced in the 1960’s.It is heavily concentrated on factors that were included on all cataloged trap kits, and wood drums of this era.

First era mufflers are known as the “baseball bat” mufflers since the rod that made the muffler active on/off was the shape of a baseball bat.

It was continuously used in to the 70's on most catalogued outfits.

Another existing tom bracket of the 1960’s was the round slide mount.

The interior of the shell was clear in 1960, and by 1961 all shells were white up until 1967.

By then, the shell mold changed from using a mix of mahogany and poplar to using maple and poplar in the same style 3-ply mold.

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There are several ways to date Ludwig drums from all production periods.

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