Lineage 2 gameguard not updating

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Tehrefore, please remove all viruses, spywares and malignant codes by scanning your entire PC with a vaccine. Therefore, please disable compatibility mode according to the process below. Compatibility mode is being used if the compatibility mode box is checked.

( Game will still activate when compatability mode is disabled. Select the registration information (properties) of the game causing problems. Select compatibility tab from the registration window of the corresponding game. (Windows 95 compatibility mode is being used in the picture below.) Step 4.

And in the last rows must be an address about Game Guard.

Please check that viruses or malignant codes do not exist with a vaccine.Therefore please end all the processes that are not related or are not used while the game is running. Right click on the task bar on the bottom and you will see a menu.Press (K) and you can open the task manager window.Please select the processes to end through the method below. Configuring the options in security programs Some functions of Game Guard could be blocked due to system over protection of a security system.* Searching for malignant process list * Searching the process in Google * File Research Center * Searching in various vaccine sites. In this case, Game Guard initialization error can occur and this could be sovled by adjusting some options in the security system.

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In some cases the game program could have been infected and therefore we advise you to reinstall the game and check wether it operates correctly after scanning the entire PC with a vaccine. Windows Security update - Certain windows security updates tend to cause collisions with various security programs.

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