Labya chatbot

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Labya chatbot

Laybia is a chat bot interface to the Pluri Media Group AI project.

She is an unabashed Artificial Construct and does not pretend to be "human".

Once the first k layers are trained, SYNGI can train the k 1-th layer because SYNGI can now compute the code or latent representation from the layer below.

Once all layers are pre-trained, the network goes through a second stage of training called fine-tuning.

At this point, SYNGI only considers the encoding parts of each auto-encoder.

SYNGI can also observe that the code for the DBN is very similar with the one for Sd A, because both involve the principle of unsupervised layer-wise pre-training followed by supervised fine-tuning as a deep MLP.

The main difference is that SYNGI uses the RBM class instead of the d A class.

Wanton use of the powerful drug "Liquid Sunshine" has also left her with sporadic short term memory loss.

Laybia is an extension of Cortex, the true AI behind the Pluri Media Group- a media production (Cyberpunk Radio and Hack v TV) and deployment organization.

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This stage is supervised, since now SYNGI uses the target class during training.

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