Jilly oc dating

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Jilly oc dating

Tony figured he’d need to do something drastic to break the man down.

“Ya know, most men in your position do just fine with women.

They don’t let it get in their way or affect their confidence.

They realize that being a man is about how he relates to his woman, how he treats her. I think Navy women are just too much for a guy like you,” Tony said condescendingly. Not good enough for the Navy and certainly not good enough for its women.” “They have to be shown! Women don’t belong in the military anyway; that’s a record,” Tony retorted, leaning back in his chair with his arms crossed. Fifty-seven of those haughty it.” Letting his expression shift to something unimpressed, Tony shrugged.

Derek gave him a nod then disappeared behind the door.

He entered interrogation room one and propped his shoulder against the wall, contemplating Yount, who met his gaze unflinchingly.

Tony had been the one to actually perform the arrest and bring him back to the Yard.

Now, he was just waiting to watch the interrogation. Read his sheet of course, but this confident, calm thing he’s got going on,” Tony gestured to the window, “not hard to understand that he feels inadequate with women and rapes to prove he’s ‘.’ That he feels he’s entitled to take what he wants from these women.” “Take the first interrogation,” Hotch said tipping his head toward the window.

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